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Why should you make SAP your choice for ERP applications?
Perform your core business processes effectively and efficiently by leveraging SAP’s more than forty years of experience and a customer base of over 50,000 companies. You can be sure that the SAP ERP will provide the solution to fit your business.
With the latest in-memory technology SAP HANA you can now leverage the data within your business to drive smarter innovation, streamline your business processes and, use up to the second analytics to inform your decision making.
What can ERP do for you?
In today’s fast changing environment you need the flexibility that SAP provides to adapt to market changes quickly and easily.
Your Planning, Sales, Procurement, Logistics, Financial and Human Resource systems need to be able to adapt with minimal disruption to your business, with its highly configurable business processes; SAP ERP provides the perfect platform to change with you as your organisation evolves.
Gain Quick Wins and Rapid Implementation
With the proven Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) technology you will see benefits within weeks.
The RDS approach provides you with scalable, affordable packages together with preconfigured software and a defined schedule of implementation services. This gives you the peace of mind of a defined scope for a fixed cost, ensuring there are no surprises during the project.
You can start with as much or as little functionality as you require and add to the solution over time as your business needs change and grow.
RDS SAP solutions apply equally to on-premise and cloud allowing you the flexibility of the delivery model that suits you.
Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)
Enterprise software implementations have historically had a reputation for running over time and over budget.
What if there was a way that you could be sure of the timescale and reap the benefit of a fixed cost?
Well now there is just that available to you from SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions provide all the benefits and eliminate the risk to you the client.
Designed to be live and running in weeks not months, depending upon your scope some Rapid Deployment Solutions can be live in as little as 2 weeks, with the average being around the 10 – 12 weeks for larger scope projects.
So what exactly are Rapid Deployment Solutions?
SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are preconfigured, packaged and tailored to specific industry sectors, workflows or departments.
In the design phase, companies choose specific standard processes; they can add more functions and services subsequently, but the initial implementation is kept to the minimum. The traditional design phase is therefore greatly reduced in time.
Best-practice guides, templates and accelerator tools for efficient implementation also help to speed the rollout. Proven guides and documentation are also available for user training and post go-live support. SAP also guarantees integration into existing and future SAP systems.
The Benefits of Rapid Deployment Solutions
It is Rapid:
  • Urgent requirements can be implemented quickly
  • Short time-to-value thanks to seamless tool interfaces and best practices
  • Guides and custom material speed up user training
It is Simple:
  • Clearly defined scope of services at a fixed price with reliable results and low risks
  • Modular integrated solutions guarantee compatibility with your system environment
  • All environments are supported (on-premise, mobile and cloud), enabling short project and implementation times
In short, SAP RDS add real value compared with traditional SAP ERP-based implementations.
  • The rollout time can be reduced up to 40 percent.
  • The workload and costs incurred by you are far lower
  • the benefits of the preconfigured best practice processes and comprehensive templates and documentation impact the labour-intensive preparation, blueprint and test phases.
  • You get a guaranteed short time-to-value.
  • The fixed-price and scope model guarantees planning certainty reduces risk
  • The modular, integrated and scalable approach also permits the solution to be expanded flexibly at a later stage.
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SAP All-in-One
The SAP Business All-in-One solution is designed to provide small to midsize companies with functionality specific to their needs.

The SAP Business All-in-One solution supports all the processes you perform to meet daily business needs – from materials management and production planning, to asset accounting and sales and distribution.

Benefit from industry-specific configuration and best practices – based on SAP’s 40 + years of experience with companies in 25 industry sectors worldwide.

SAP All-in-One functionality supports industry best practices in the following categories:
  • Materials Management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Logistics, Product Life-Cycle Management, and Quality Management
  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Forms and reporting
SAP Business All-in-One is available in different preconfigured industry specific solutions, which enable you to realise the benefits of your investment in weeks, not months or years. SAP Business All-in-One gives you an integrated view of your business and will easily scale and adapt to meet changing needs. The solutions help drive business growth, build and maintain operational excellence, and optimize financial performance.
Key Features of SAP All-in-One
  • Powerful enterprise resource planning functionality
  • Manage financials, sales, service, procurement, logistics execution, product development, manufacturing, human capital management, corporate services, and business analytics
  • Industry-specific functionality: Solve business challenges with a solution tailored to your industry
  • SAP NetWeaver® technology platform: Quickly and cost-effectively add on to your existing solution as your business grows and needs change
  • Best practices: Leverage proven methods for implementing best practices in key functional areas and industries
  • Scalability: Start with what you need now, adapt and scale your solution as your needs change, and add in-depth customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, or business intelligence functionality at any time
Business Benefits of SAP All-in-One
  • Enhanced agility to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness thanks to streamlined business processes, automated tasks, and fewer errors
  • Improved financial management due to more accurate financial reporting, better record maintenance, and deeper insight into organizational performance
  • Increased visibility from integrated analytics that help uncover business risks and opportunities
The slides below show an example of how SAP Business All in One can be used in SAP SRM:
With SAP Business One
  • Automate time consuming daily processes
  • Control expenditure, resources and stock
  • Implement time and cost efficient best practices
  • Access critical business data on the go
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SAP Business One
SAP Business One is affordable, intuitive, adaptable and easy-to-use business management software designed specifically for growing small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) or subsidiaries of large enterprises.

SAP Business One helps you better manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Available on-premise, on-demand in the Cloud and optionally powered by an in-memory computing platform (SAP HANA) – the choice is yours.
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